Is it Worth to Rent a Self Drive Car or a Cab

This post would bring the Pros and Cons of Self driven rental cars and Cabs.

  • Self driven cars is fun to drive
  • Privacy andĀ  you feel its your Car.
  • The process of getting a Self drive rental car is long,
  • You provide your Credit Card to the company ( Which compromises your Security)
  • Your car cannot be driven by another Driver
  • you also need to bring the Car back to the same place and not in front of your house
  • Unlimited liability if you meet an accident
  • Unnecessary penalties for late arrival, Over speeding, cleaning etc
  • Average rate / Km for a 7 Seater is not less than Rs 15 and if you consider penalty and other stuff it would be around Rs 100 or more

With reference to Cabs, they are

  • Privacy is lost as Driver is in the Car
  • You can sleep the whole travel
  • fuel is not your problem
  • in terms of Accident, no additional penalty to you
  • drops in front of the house or even in front of Saravana Stores
  • No Cleaning Charges
  • Average rateĀ / KM for a 7 seater is Rs13 and that’s the cost, so for the average rs100 / KM of a Self drive cars you can rent a luxury car and enjoy luxury.

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