Buy a Car or Rent a Car

There is always a debate as to whether buy car or consider taxis. We have worked out based on 10 year data and found out that by and large if the usage is less than 1500 KM, then from economics points out to cabs.

We will debate the pros and cons of this. The outcome of this data is if the usage is very less then it is better to rent a car rather than buying a car

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Is it Worth to Rent a Self Drive Car or a Cab

This post would bring the Pros and Cons of Self driven rental cars and Cabs.

  • Self driven cars is fun to drive
  • Privacy andĀ  you feel its your Car.
  • The process of getting a Self drive rental car is long,
  • You provide your Credit Card to the company ( Which compromises your Security)
  • Your car cannot be driven by another Driver
  • you also need to bring the Car back to the same place and not in front of your house
  • Unlimited liability if you meet an accident
  • Unnecessary penalties for late arrival, Over speeding, cleaning etc
  • Average rate / Km for a 7 Seater is not less than Rs 15 and if you consider penalty and other stuff it would be around Rs 100 or more

With reference to Cabs, they are

  • Privacy is lost as Driver is in the Car
  • You can sleep the whole travel
  • fuel is not your problem
  • in terms of Accident, no additional penalty to you
  • drops in front of the house or even in front of Saravana Stores
  • No Cleaning Charges
  • Average rateĀ / KM for a 7 seater is Rs13 and that’s the cost, so for the average rs100 / KM of a Self drive cars you can rent a luxury car and enjoy luxury.